Who We Are

Mustafiz Foundation Inc (MFI) has been established with the vision of “humanity first” and MFI hinges on the mission that humanity must be given paramount importance as every human being deserves to lead a better life. Having this vision, we are committed to stand with distressed people, particularly with helpless children around the globe. We will be continuing our campaign and working adamantly with dedication to build better citizens for the better world. It is fortunate that various social organizations are working to support crisis in various aspects like vulnerable minorities and civilians in wartime, refugees, and children in need. But we do not see much work as needed to build a better generation for a better world.

Now-a-days online is the major learning platform for our generation, and social media has no boundary to reach or exit. We are facing modern technology that we think demands that all of us are awake and aware of what is going on in our lives and in our society and what is coming to our life. Every day we are adapting and adopting a new idea of life. If we think about ancient civilizations to modern civilization where we are standing now? It is the time to rethink our next generation, our future. MFI will be doing research continuously for this crisis and will work to focus the light, so that our generation can get right path for the real success with safety and security which is now more important than ever before. Our endeavor, in turn, would ensure safety, security and success for all regardless of age, gender, race and religion.

Mustafiz Foundation is the Citizen Development and Social Engineering project having a campaign “Better Citizen for a Better Nation, We the People, do the best.”