Other ways to give


Sound health is the precondition of success, prosperity and wealth. On the contrary, poor health can undermine people success and potential. We have been devotedly working to enhance people’s good health particularly for the people in rural area who are in miserable condition for lack of treatment, knowledge about healthy life style and poverty. Empowering community health worker to deliver treatment, educate healthy life style and provide financial support to bring changes to the community is the project in our priority list. In addition, we have also focused on developing and enhancing transformative strategies for treating malnourished children, particularly in rural and underdeveloped areas.


Education is the power and pillar of success, and we will strive to provide quality and meaningful education to young children with access to quality early childhood development, care, and pre-primary education. Creating quality learning spaces in formal schools and informal education settings, such as community-based education and accelerated learning programs for children who have missed years of schooling or missing moral, ethical and religious education. We will provide teaching and learning materials, so teachers and facilitators are equipped to teach meaningful lessons which will help the students to ensure success here and hereafter.

Women & Girls right

Mustafiz Foundation is committed and proud to rumble for a world where girls and women have an equal opportunity to succeed and shine in their dream lives. Women’s rights are human right. Women & girls in poor and developing countries face discrimination; violence and human trafficking that threaten their lives and eliminate their potential. We are working with women and girls with all ages so that they can change their future and uplift entire community. Having the right investment for their safety, health, education, economic wellbeing they can change the whole world.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means people have their fundamental needs like food, clothing, place to live, treatment and better education as it regulates one’s success here and hereafter. We will keep working to build a brighter future for underprivileged people. Mustafiz Foundation provide financial support directly to the people to buy their food, find place to live, treatment to lead healthy life and economic wellbeing. Provide Cash Assistance to the distressed people help them to buy fundamental things to enjoy normal life and it also help local economy.


Vulnerable people in our community don’t have control over important choices that affect their lives. They don’t have place to live, lack of knowledge and resource of healthy life style, lack of education to improve their lives and to make a right decision .Particularly Women & Girls struggle to advocate for their lives and make their voice heard. MFI helps those vulnerable people to empower & improve their lives for a better future. Besides strategic planned work we offer food, clothing, shelter and financial support for treatment and education for the orphan or poor who have been passing miserable life for financial hardship or lack of guardianship and better education. We also help vulnerable people like elderly people, people with disabilities or families facing crisis for treatment, Educational needs, shelter, or food. We are standing and will stand with elderly people and people with disabilities whenever they need. This is the right path as we believe and we strive to empower our society and communities so that every individual can participate to empower the nation and ultimately the world.